Origami Owl – I’m officially an Independent Designer!

origami 15






I just want to take a moment to tell everyone that I’m now an Independent Designer for Origami Owl! I LOVE this jewelry! I love that I can make it uniquely mine by choosing all the components and creating a beautiful necklace to treasure!
Here are some photos of Living Lockets! Each one is as different as the creator. I’ll be posting a link to my shop on the blog. If you want more information, please feel free to contact me! I promise not to post a lot here on Sweet Bobbins blog about my newest adventure!

Thanks for allowing me to share my exciting news!






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Organic Bike It Fabric is Back

“Bike It” is back!  Birch Fabrics is sending 60 yards of fabric to us today! I am so happy to have this Organic fabric back in stock.

Currently, Bike It is available as a crib sheet. I can also make bibs and wet bags with Bike It. If you don’t see it listed, just ask! :)

Bike It - Organic Fabric

Bike It – Organic Fabric








We also sell this fabric by the Yard in our fabric shop. I also have several scraps and a rather LARGE number of 7×7 squares in my scrap bin, if anyone wants to make a quilt. :) Let me know if you are interested and I can set you up with a listing on Etsy.


New Swaddle Blankets

Pink Flowers on Black

Pink Flowers on Black

I listed new prints for Swaddle Blankets on Etsy this week. I also put a few prints on clearance for $6.99. They are a great deal, while they last!  See all of our blanket prints here.

Our swaddle blankets range in price from $6.99 to $13.50. Most blankets cost $9.50. They make a great gift and a X-Large in size. They measure 40×43 inches.  We pre-wash the fabric so you know the blanket won’t shrink. Other sellers list flannel swaddle blankets are 44×44, but we know that blanket will shrink considerably after its first wash.

We also offer custom Supper Cuddler Blankets – made with flannel and your choice of Organic Bamboo Velour or Organic Bamboo Fleece. They run $34.99 and measure 24×36 inches.  Also useful as a towel, as the organic bamboo fabrics are extremely absorbent. Choose a flannel print from our fabric shop for a custom blanket. Convo us on Etsy for more information.





Sweet birds

Sweet birds

Turquoise Dots

Turquoise Dots




I’m officially offering our Hanging Wet Bags in Chevrons! I’ve offered custom listings but finally decided to list them for sale officially. I now offer Orange, Grey, Navy, Aqua, Red, Lavender, Pink, Black and possibly Rainbow!! Eeek! I’m a little too excited about the rainbow, but when something different comes into the shop, I get excited!

aqua chevron hanging Grey Chevron Hanging Wet BagNavy Chevron Hanging Wet Bag






New 18×22 Chevron Hanging Wet Bags available now on Etsy.

New Snack Bags

I just got a new shipment of snack bags in! I’m so excited to see all these fun new prints. Here is a sneak peek.

Did you know we sell snack bags? I rarely have them listed on Etsy, but I always have them in stock. Since boutiques order in lots and our prints change with each batch, I choose not to list these on Etsy and try to keep track of them. If you want information on current stock, just convo me on Etsy and I’ll respond. Currently I have about 150 in stock. Cost: $5 for a snack sized and $6 for a sandwich size.



Snack sized bagsSandwich size




Making snack bags allows us to use up most of our fabric scraps from bibs, wet bags, and nursing covers. We try to be low waste, only sending out one bag of trash a week from our busy production room. We sell the rest of our scraps for quilts and applique projects. Let us know if you are interested!

New Product Wednesday wet bag

Sweet Bobbins seems to get requests for custom items all the time. We love that buyers aren’t afraid to ask for exactly what they need to be successful at cloth diapering. If there isn’t a product readily available on the market that fits your needs or worse yet – it doesn’t come in a fabric you love, then know that there is a community of talented women on Etsy.com that can and will make it for you! And in your very own choice of fabrics! How much better could life be??

We’ve seen two new items arise in the last month. One is already available in our Etsy shop, so we’ll begin with the Hanging Pail Liner. Two moms contacted us in the same week looking for something similar. We decided to go for it. This is a twist on our wet bags.  We use the same fabrics: ProCare Barrier for the inside and a lovely cotton print for the outside. And, the outer fabric – is customizable! Yes! You can choose something different from the listing! Life is beautiful!  Instead of a traditional wet bag strap, this one uses cotton belting for straps. This will allow you to hang the bag on a hook or on a doorknob. We realize that not everyone uses a diaper pail or has space for a diaper pail. This is the alternative.

These bags are big – they measure 16×27. They have our standard heavy-duty zipper, which is top stitched for extra durability. If you need a different size, just ask.  I am one of the most picky women on the planet. I want everything else in a different shade, print, color and size! It’s not an inconvenience to me: if I don’t have enough fabric, I’ll let you know. So always ask. :)

Some popular prints are Mocha Flowers, Alphabet Soup, Thea and the ever popular Woodhaven birds . Don’t like any of these? Pick another fabric from our fabric site.

Now onto the next new product! Another awesome customer contacted us about bags that would hang on the toilet paper roll. This is great for those of you who use family cloth or mama cloth.  They are also great for wipes and other little items that need a wet bag.

It took us awhile to figure out the specs. Mr. Sweet Bobbins is a big help in this area.  Math scares me a little. Once he had the design down and we had a spare hour together that didn’t involve things like dinner and dishes and putting a 4-year-old to bed, we started sewing! A little complicated to make – I wouldn’t recommend this style to every seamstress. But the end result is gorgeous!

It hangs right on your toilet paper roll, right on the cabinet. If you have a freestanding toilet paper roll holder, even better! The straps hang 5-6 inches off the TP hardware, making it so you can still hang TP! Genius, right? I owe our customer the props on this  idea – it was all hers! The snaps aren’t really needed, but I figure it’s best to have them.  After all, who says this can only be used in the bathroom. There are things like strollers, wheelchairs, towel racks, etc that need a snapping strap. Right?

There are 2 styles available – pocket and no pocket. The pocket style is nice if you have need to store clean wipes or mama cloth. It’s a large pocket that can hold plenty. It has a snap closure. Bags measure   12 x 15 inches tall.

Do you notice what’s different from our regular style wet bags? The zipper is on the front – not the top. This makes it ideal for it’s intended use.

Now let’s talk prints. We have so many to choose from. And if you  don’t love something, we can order a fabric just for you or you can ship us your own.  If you’ve decorated your kid’s bathroom, or yours, choose a fabric that compliments the decor! Have some fun here.

We are still working on pricing. Right now the bags $25.00. They are pretty labor intensive and require a fresh brain – which, as all you moms out there know, is a rare treat! There is a learning curve with every product we make, I’m still going uphill on this one! But it was fun to make and extremely satisfying. I like to hold up the item when it’s done and say, “Wow! I MADE that!”

I’m still working on a name for these bags. Wet bag just doesn’t cut it!  If you want to suggest one, post a comment below!

Thanks for reading – subscribe to our RSS feed please! :)

Angela from Sweet Bobbins

Snack Bag Tutorial

Hi everyone! I love making snack bags! They are easy, fun and only take a little bit of fabric. Kids LOVE fun, bright fabrics. If you use this pattern, please do me a favor and comment below.

Happy Sewing,



Supplies list:

  • 1 yard of ProCare Barrier Fabric 36 wide (This will make 8 snack bags)
  • ½ yard of cotton printed fabric 42/44 wide (this will make 5 snack bags if cut correctly)
  • 6.5 inches of white Hook and loop tape per snack bag
    (Buy ¾ inch to 1 inch hook and loop tape. Make sure to get the hook AND  loop as some sites sell these separately.)
  • Coordinating thread. (I’m a fan of natural colored thread. But, feel free to match up your colors. Just have white or natural on hand for sewing on the hook and loop tape, as you will see the thread color on the ProCare side.)
  • Rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat- These are awesome tools that every seamstress needs. You don’t need the biggest or the best, especially since this is a small project. Just please be careful with that rotary cutter! It’s sharper than you would think! If you fear the rotary cutter, which is understandable, then use fabric shears to cut your bags out. Fabric marking pens are your friends here.
  • Straight edge for cutting – you can find these at your local fabric store in the quilting section.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Craft roller or  rolling pin
  • Sewing pins
  • New needle for sewing machine :) yes! Let’s change our needles today! ( I always forget! You?)

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Pre-wash your cotton fabric. This is so important as it will shrink after washing and your lovely handmade item will lose much of its beauty when it warps and shrinks. ProCare, PUL and nylon don’t shrink, so don’t worry about them.

2. Cut your fabrics. First decide which size snack bag you want. (Note: if you want a smaller or larger bag, adjust the sizing! Go for it!)

*Snack – cut 7.5 by 12 inches. Cut hook and loop tape to 6.5 inches

*Sandwich – cut 7 by 16 inches. Cut hook and loop tape to 6 inches

3. If you have a serger and don’t get stressed by threading it, feel free to serge all the edges. For the rest of the seamstresses that either don’t have a serger OR get panic attacks at the thought of threading, pass on this step. It’s REALLY okay!


4. Line up your fabrics right sides together. For the ProCare, the right side is the smooth side. So, match up the smooth side of the ProCare with the print of your cotton. Match up the shapes so that it’s a rectangle. Easy, right? Now we will start sewing.

5. Let’s begin on the top of the bag. The top is the top of the cotton print. So, for my fabric choice here, a lovely alphabet print, the top is easy to find.

(Notice I didn’t pin these bags.  I never pin, but you can. Just remember that if you want your bag to be waterproof, then don’t poke holes in it where they shouldn’t be. Keep your pin holes within ¼ inch of the edge. )

6. Start sewing ¾ of the way on the right of the side. Look at the above photo. This is where I’m starting. Back stitch here, because when you turn the bag right side out, the back stitches will make it so much easier when you turn the bag!

7. Use a ¼ seam allowance. If you are a ½ inch seam allowance person, that’s fine, just sew straight and keep the seam allowance consistent.

8. Sew to about ¼ inch from the edge. Put the needle in the down position, lift the foot and turn the fabric.


9. Sew down the side of the rectangle.  Keep your stitches as straight as possible. Go slowly if you need to.

10. Stop again ¼ inch from the corner. If your edges are uneven (the ProCare is shorter than the cotton, etc, then stop ¼ inch from the shortest piece).

11. Turn the fabric, keep sewing across the bottom. Turn again at the corner and sew up the edge. Repeat this until you are at the top of the bag again.

12. Leave a  2-3 inch hole on the top of the bag.  Now, sew for an inch or two, and then stop. Back stitch.  See how lovely it looks?

13. Clip the 4 corners off with scissors.

14. Turn the bag right side out. Use a crochet hook or another tool to get the corners.

15. Iron – Lower your iron settings to synthetic or LOW. You don’t want to melt your mostly finished bag or ruin your iron, so turn down the heat. Go ahead and carefully iron the snack bag flat – Use the crochet hook or another tool to push the fabric to out to the seam, and press flat. Avoid steam.

16. Next, sew across the top of the bag only. In this step, you will close the 2-3 inch hole that we turned the bag through. Line up the edges and hold them together as you sew OR pin it shut.

17.  Sew on your first piece of hook and loop tape. I also choose to put the hook side – the scratchy side here. That way, when the kiddos are reaching into the bag, they aren’t getting scratched. Position the hook tape just below the top stitch we just did in step 14.

snack bag velcro


a.  Start at the top left corner and back-stitch. Sew all the way around the hook tape, using the needle down corner method we  used earlier. Stay pretty close to the edge, making sure you are catching the hook tape in all places.

b.  Some people like to use a zig-zag stitch here because it’s easier to make sure you always get the hook tap on securely. It’s up to you.



18. Now we are going to sew the loop tape on the other side of the rectangle. Other side meaning, the bottom of the rectangle, and on the ProCare side. It’s hard to see, but the loop tape is there. About ½ inch from the edge.








19. Next, we are going to fold the bag up and sew the sides. This is where it will ALL make sense, if you feel confused, that is.

a. Fold up the bag like so. Make sure that the hook and loop match up when it’s closed. This is where you want to keep the fold and  this is how we will sew it.  Unfasten the hook and loop and we will start sewing.

20. Starting at the bottom left corner of the bag. Stitch 1/8 to ¼ of an inch from the edge of the bag, making sure to catch all four layers of the bag in one seam.

21. We are going to sew around 3 sides of this bag. We will leave the bottom un-sewn. back-stitch at the 2 places where the top of the bag forms the pocket. This is to ensure a secure seam for the bag. Back stitch at the end.

22. Clip your threads. Here is what it should look like. It might be a little uneven your first try, but as with everything else, practice makes perfect.


23. Fill with yummy snacks and give to your favorite little person!


Fabric choices – my 2 cents:

So here’s the nitty-gritty on snack bag fabrics . . . keep in mind this is all my opinion.

There are 3 common fabrics people use for snack bag interior fabrics: PUL, rip stop nylon, and ProCare. These are all waterproof (within reason) fabrics. You can always use cotton for the interior also, like quilting cotton, broadcloth, muslin, etc, just pre-wash those fabrics, as they shrink.

The problem with rip stop nylon is that it doesn’t last forever in washings. I felt like it got thin after a dozen washings. You need to double stitch around the hook and loop tape and edges. It can also wick moisture with some foods. I also don’t believe that it is food safe. If you use a Polyurethane coated nylon, make sure you sew it with the coated side as the underside, so the coating is not touching the food. Also an important thing to note, manufacturers do not market their fabrics as food safe. You can Google coated rip stop nylon manufacturers and look at all the intended uses. Food safe is a big deal in the world of snack bags.

This brings us to the next fabric choice: PUL. PUL is awesome for diapers and covers, but whether it is food safe is the million dollar question. Everyone seems to have an opinion about it, but the manufacturers do not list food safety as an attribute to their fabric. That says a lot. If you choose PUL, please place it so that the Polyurethane coated side is away from the food.

We have chosen ProCare Barrier Fabric as our #1 choice in snack bag interior fabrics. Here’s the breakdown: 25%  polyester, 75% vinyl, proprietary does not contain dehp phlalates or BPA plasticisers – that’s important to a lot of people they are looking for BPA free plastics. It’s also free of lead and cadmium. The manufacturer is Canadian, so their claim to food safety is by Canadian standards, to my best understanding. But the long list of harmful materials NOT included in ProCare is promising.

In addition to being food safe, it’s a medical grade fabric. It can stand up to 1,000 home washings, which is spectacular, as I don’t think my best kitchen towels could even do that!

So, that’s my breakdown. Take my words as my opinion here. Please understand that I’m okay with you choosing which ever fabrics will work best for you.

I sometimes sell Procare by the Yard. You can look here or convo me.

Happy Sewing!


Sweet Bobbins and Sweet Bobbins Fabric

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday Wipes

The Diaper Pail Liner – Your Questions Answered


ONE of the first things people ask about cloth diapers is:

What do you DO with the dirty diapers?

The answer to that is a Sweet Bobbins Diaper Pail Liner™.  Some people use empty trash cans, plastic grocery bags or small wet bags, but the pail liner is the easiest and most convenient ways to store the dirty diapers. Not only do they come in a plethora of colors, but diaper pail liners also help to reduce smells. And since they are reusable, they eliminate the additional waste created with the use of grocery and trash bags.

Made with PUL fabric, which stands for “polyurethane laminated,” these bags hold in wet diapers and their odors.  They are waterproof in the sense that they will hold dampness and wet diapers without leaking, not in the sense of “they can hold 7 gallons of water.” Easy to use, our diaper pail liners have with an elastic cording, they easily stretch over the edge of a diaper pail or trash can.

How do you USE a diaper pail liner?

Simply stretch the elastic cording over the edge of a trash can.  Some people use conventional diaper pails for cloth diapers. Often times, diaper pail liners need to be custom ordered to fit these cans. No worries! That is our specialty. Simply contact us with your cans dimensions or, if possible, a website link with all the dimensions and stats.

And because I want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase, I would like to add that the elastic cording is not meant for hanging on a door knob or cinching up the bag completely.  These are diaper pail liners, not wet bags or hanging bags. We can make custom pail liners and wet bags for this use – just ask.

The other option for a diaper pail is a simple kitchen trash can. A lid is a major plus here. You can use a 13 gallon can or even smaller. We use a 7 gallon can, similar to this one:


It’s low profile, holds 20-24 diapers, fits right next to the toilet and doesn’t take over the powder room. Placing it here allows us to clean the diapers with a diaper sprayer and place them directly into the diaper pail. Our washing machine is adjacent to the powder room, so this makes for a quick and easy job. We do use a hanging wet bag upstairs to store the “dirties” in, but always bring them downstairs to the diaper pail before washing.

You can buy the pail liner or the diaper pail first, each way is fine. It can be easier to buy the pail liner first, and then take it with you to shop for a diaper pail or trash can. This eliminates hours of searching and waiting for a custom bag. Just remember to buy a trash can with a lid. J

How do you WASH a pail liner?

To wash the diapers, just remove the lid, lift the diaper pail liner out of the can, and turn it inside out over the washing machine and let the diapers fall in. Toss the pail liner in with your diapers. Wash and dry with your diapers. It’s that easy.

HOW MANY diaper pail liners do you need?

Another pail liner tip I learned is to buy 2 diaper pail liners. Let’s face it, a wash routine can take hours. By the time you rinse the diapers, wash them 2 times, wait for them to dry, and read Parenting magazine, feed the family, nurse the baby, vacuum and mop the floor, you can have 3 or 4 dirty diapers piling up (on your freshly cleaned floors), just waiting for a clean pail liner to come out of the dryer.

I’m sorry – did you say you TRAVEL with cloth diapers?

The other awesome use for 2 pail liners is travel. Yes, I said it. TRAVEL. We are crazy people. We think nothing of traveling to Grandma’s house or getting on an airplane with cloth diapers. The hardest part for me is storing the abundance of clean AND dirty diapers in my car, at Grandma’s house or in my luggage. (Public Disclaimer: I only put clean diapers in the luggage – although I always laugh when I see an inspected tag on the suitcase with the diapers! Ha! Wonder what that poor TSA agent was thinking while looking at a bag of diapers!)

Having 2 pail liners can make traveling with baby and cloth diapers easier. And a side note: they make completely awesome and HUGE beach bags for pool and beach trips! Wet towels and suits all go in until we find somewhere to wash!

What do people SAY about our Diaper Pail Liners?

We’ve been making pail liners for a while here at Sweet Bobbins. For a six month period, they were listed on Rene’s Etsy shop as she took over making them. Rene is my beloved cousin and I’m excited to announce, she is now my business partner! We’ve moved the Diaper Pail Liners back to Sweet Bobbins’ Etsy page, making it easier to buy a pail liner with wipes, wet bags and other cloth diapering supplies. Rene is the primary seamstress on the pail liners. She does an AWESOME job!

Here is some of the feedback we’ve had:


“Perfect size for a kitchen size can”
“perfect size thanks”
“Love it! Fits my safety 1st diaper pail
perfectly. Very well made. Thank you!!”


“Love the bag I already have and needed another
“Fits great and washes well. Thanks!”
“Yay! It came so fast, and I've used it already!
Works great!”


“what a great bag, thanks so much for customizing
it for me!!!”
“Custom made for my Diaper DeKor and came out great.
Thank you x 1000!!!”


“Very pretty pink. Fast shipping!!! Will shop w/
you again”
“Love them! Quick shipping and great product.”
“Fast shipping. Love the apricot color! Planning
to use the bag in a diaper pail when my baby
comes. Will continue to order from Sweet Bobbins
in the future as all products received are of
great quality. Thanks!”


“great quality! just what I was looking for!
It even smelled nice.”
“Better than the brand name wet bags from other
sites! I highly recommend this awesome seller!
You can't beat this deal and this sweet seller.
“Works great! Going to buy another one for
laundry day!”


“LOVE this! Thank you!”
“I love my lime green pail liner! Thanks!”
“Perfect! Thanks!”
 “Awesome Transaction!!! AAA+++”

Post by Angela Inman
Sweet Bobbins

We were in no way paid, offered or given anything for using a picture or linking to Sterilite and their trash can.

Operation Eagle Eye

As our first blog post, the moms at Sweet Bobbins™ were reminiscing about our days as nursing mamas. It can be shocking to even the most seasoned mama, how quickly a newborn can change from contently sleeping to unhappily starving. In these inevitable moments it’s crucial to have a nursing cover in your arsenal, I mean diaper bag.

Here at Sweet Bobbins, we feel that a nursing cover is a great way to show the world a little bit about you, without showing them ALL of you. Our “Mama Has Milk” cow print nursing cover is a fun way to tell the world that Mama Has Milk and this baby WILL stop screaming in 30 seconds flat!

Our functional covers have a terry cloth corner to catch that dribble of milk on the chin or the completely unexpected leakage. Since we understand the complexity of the mission, the flexible boning at the top of the cover allows moms the ability to see what’s happening under there and to maintain that all important eye contact with baby. Nursing a new baby in public can be delicate mission. The flexible neckline makes “having an eye on the situation” easy peasy. Roger that Eagle Eye?

So come and check out our hip and beautiful prints. We have many great covers to choose from, with new prints every week. Check out our Summer Song print. This beautiful and stunning print can easily be used as gender neutral and its light colors will keep baby cool in the summertime. Perfect for nursing at the park and summer outings! Don’t forget those summer time family get-togethers and weddings.

For a limited time, we are offering a free pair of Hooter Soothers™ with each Couture Mama Nursing Cover™ purchase. Made with 3 layers of absorbant fabrics: natural colored flannel fabric with absorbant terry cloth center and an Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) top layer. OBV is amazinly soft and has antibacterial properties. It’s also very thristy and will help wick away moisture. Machine washable and dryer friendly!

We pick our fabrics with great care, and always prewash to avoid any post wash craziness. Nursing is a wonderful and enjoyable experience, and we want to make it easier. We’ve got you “covered!”

Co-written by: Angela Inman and Melissa Kolbo.